4 Ways A Criminal Defense Attorney Can Assist You

If you have been convicted of a crime, you may need to rely on the expertise that only a criminal defense attorney can offer you. This can help you fully understand the legal procedures that you must be followed during this entire process from beginning to end. Knowing the ways, a criminal defense attorney can help you is important if you are faced with a felony.

Give the details

The first thing you will want to do when first meeting with a criminal defense attorney is to provide the details of your case. This will include many things, and listed below are questions that you may expect from your lawyer:

  1. What was the date of the conviction?
  2. What were you charged with doing?
  3. Do you feel you were unjustly charged?
  4. Were drugs or illegal weapons involved at any time?
  5. Were you alone at the time of the conviction?

Complete the legal procedures

The lawyer you select will know precisely what to do when it comes to starting the necessary process for your case to help you through it.

Listed below are the typical steps in a criminal case:

  1. Arrest – The first thing that may happen is your arrest by a police officer.
  2. Bond set – There will typically be an amount of money that is set by the judge for your release if you will agree to show up in court.
  3. Pretrial – This will consist of examining the specific case and your criminal background.
  4. Jury trial – Your case may be heard by a jury of 12 people that will provide a final verdict about your case.

Negotiating a plea bargain

In an attempt to lessen any charges that were made against you, your lawyer will work to get your penalties and jail time reduced immediately if possible. This can be done by working out a plea deal with the legal system.

It's important to have a criminal attorney to getting the right deal.  The judge will typically not work out a negotiation that may please you if you're defending yourself.

You will have a much better chance of dealing with the conviction and hopefully getting a reduction of any penalties that you are currently facing because of your arrest. Be sure to consult with a criminal defense attorney that can guide you through the details of this complex process and help you be victorious with your case.