Pros And Cons Of Using A Forensic Accountant During Your Divorce

For divorce cases in which there is less than 100 percent transparency about each spouse's financial situation, divorce attorneys will frequently rely on help from forensic accountants. A forensic accountant can use a number of methods of investigation to better understand a person's financial picture, which the attorney can then use to argue for a specific amount in the divorce settlement, alimony payments, and child support payments. If your attorney is considering involving a forensic accountant in your case, here are some pros and cons to know.

Pro: More Fairness

The obvious benefit of having a forensic accountant go over your spouse's finances is that your divorce can be much fairer. When a divorce is resolved without the use of this professional, one party may feel as though he or she didn't make out well. For example, you could feel that your spouse has money that you don't know about, and that this money wasn't factored into your divorce settlement. The use of a forensic accountant should negate these worries.

Con: Extended Duration

It's probable that hiring a forensic accountant will extend the length of time that is takes to resolve your divorce. Although some people will be more than willing to wait a little longer to ensure that the divorce is fairer, others may be in hurry to get things wrapped up. If you're eager to put the divorce behind you as quickly as possible, you might wish to decline the suggestion of involving a forensic accountant.

Pro: More Clarity About Your Spouse

One spouse's lack of honesty about his or her finances can be an issue that causes a divide in the relationship. You may feel on the fence about divorcing your spouse to some degree, but using a forensic accountant to learn that he or she has indeed been lying to you about his or her finances can be beneficial. Given your new awareness about your spouse's dishonesty, you'll feel more resolved that you're making the right choice in filing for divorce.

Con: Added Animosity

No one likes to feel that his or her spouse is digging into his or her finances, and this is exactly what happens when your divorce attorney hires a forensic accountant. If the divorce has been fairly civil up to this point, having your spouse learn that you're using a forensic accountant to learn more about his or her financial health can breed animosity. Talk to an attorney, like those at Hugh O. Allen Law Offices, to learn more about the benefits of this service.