Divorce Lawyer Tips For Ensuring An Equal Financial Settlement

Deciding you want to get a divorce from your spouse is always a stressful time. The decision is even more stressful when you are someone who has been hands off on the financial side of the marriage and are scared about not getting an equitable settlement when the divorce is final.

If you are planning to ask your spouse for a divorce but are concerned about ensuring you get an equal financial settlement, then these tips will help you.

Tip: Gather as Many Financial Records as Possible Before Leaving Your Family Home

If you and your spouse have not yet separated but you are planning to leave in the near future, then you need to gather up as many financial records as you can. It's not necessary to take original copies, but you should at least take photos of the most recent:

  • checking and savings account statements
  • retirement account statements
  • credit card bills
  • car loans
  • mortgage documents
  • insurance policies
  • tax returns

The more paperwork you can photograph, the better. This information will help your divorce attorney down the line, and it will also be helpful if your spouse tries to liquidate any assets or hide any money.

Tip: Choose Your Absolute Must-Haves and Let Everything Else Go

When you move on with your life post-divorce, you will likely find you aren't interested in a lot of things you currently own and think you want to keep.

For example, that vintage camper you bought and never used might be your future dream vacation now, but you might find yourself living in an apartment and paying to store the camper offsite. That once loved camper can quickly become an expensive reminder of vacations you never had and a time in your life you want to put behind you.

To prevent ending up with a bunch of "stuff" you really won't want in the long run and lawyer bills generated from fighting for it, pick a few things you must have and then let everything else go.

Tip: Only Consider Local Divorce Attorneys With a Strong Reputation for Winning Cases

Finally, when it comes to a divorce where you fear you may not get an equitable share of the assets and money, you must work with a divorce lawyer who has a reputation for being excellent at what they do and aggressively winning family law cases.

A divorce where your money is on the line just isn't the time to try out a newly minted attorney or opt for giving your friend's spouse some income. Find out who the strong divorce lawyers are in your local area and partner with one of them. If things end up going sideways, you will be glad to know you have an aggressive and skilled professional on your side.

Reach out to a divorce lawyer near you to learn more.