How Your Divorce Attorney Can Help You Co-Parent During Holidays

Being a parent is never easy, especially when you're separated from your co-parent. Thankfully, your divorce attorney can help you establish a custody arrangement that favors you and allows you to spend quality time with your kids.

However, things get even trickier during the holidays because both you and your co-parent may want to travel and tour with the kids. You likely are already experiencing anxiety as the festive season approaches. Who will be with the kids on monumental holidays like Christmas and New Year's Eve? Well, read on to learn how your divorce attorney will help you solve this puzzle.

1. Help you Create a Holiday Parenting Plan

Before the festive season arrives and catches you unawares, you should ask your attorney to help you create a holiday parenting plan. And to avoid conflict during the festivities, your attorney will consult your co-parent to ensure they agree with the plan.

As such, when the kids finish school for the holidays, you can make plans that allow them to bond with you for the time you'll have them. And when it's time for your co-parent to take the kids, you won't cause any drama that would traumatize the kids.

2. Make Provisions for Holidays in the Custody Arrangement

A good way to ensure holidays don't give you anxiety is to specify how you and your co-parent will care for the kids during these periods in the custody arrangement. Since the custody contract is legally binding, you can trust that your co-parent will cooperate and not cause the kids any trauma by holding on to the kids longer than they should.

And if your ex-spouse is hard to deal with, you can let your divorce attorney handle any custody issues that may come up. Leaving everything in your lawyer's hands enables you to have peaceful holidays and provide your children with the care they need.

3. Communicate with Your Ex

You might have trouble communicating with your ex-spouse if you're recently divorced because you're likely still dealing with raw emotions. Thankfully, you can hand over all communications to your attorney and let them voice your holiday requirements to your co-parent.

And once a middle ground is reached, you can proceed to make plans for the festive season and ensure this holiday isn't any different for the kids because of the divorce. By showing up for your children, you reaffirm to them that just because the marriage is over does not mean you've stopped being their parent.

Your divorce attorney can be a valuable asset during the holiday season. They can help you create a parenting plan, handle arising custody issues, and manage all communications with your ex-spouse to ensure you have a fun, stress-free holiday with your kids.