When Your Personal Injury Settlement Is Delayed

After a car accident with injuries, most victims want to forget the whole thing and get back to normal again. First, though, they want the insurer to recognize that they are owed money because of a careless driver. You might face several delays in your quest to be compensated. Read on to find out more.

You are getting the run-around

The other driver's insurer should be collaborating with you to pay you what you are owed after an accident. However, that may not be working out as well as you had hoped. You could be facing delays because the insurer has no incentive to pay you anything. You may be facing a severe lack of communication when you try to contact them, and they may be good at making promises they don't honor. Keep in mind that it's not you, it's them, and they are not worried about you because you are not their client.

You are being asked for more and more information and it's not just about the accident

Unfortunately, some auto insurers try to reduce how much they owe you by bringing preexisting medical conditions into the mix. They may ask you, for example, for access to your medical records. Do not agree to that. They will try to connect past medical issues to the most recent accident.

You are being offered a settlement but it's far too low

When you try to deal with the insurer on your own, you may be offered so many low-ball settlements offers that you begin to wonder if you have too-high expectations. You probably deserve far more than you think you do so don't let the insurer's attitude make you think otherwise.

They are making you feel desperate

As time goes by, you may be contacted by medical collections agencies about unpaid bills. That means your credit is being ruined because of the accident and the reluctant insurers.

Make it Stop

Don't allow any of the above to happen. You don't have to cope with the insurer on your own. Speak to a personal injury lawyer and get protected and supported as you bring this accident to a close. Your lawyer will communicate with the insurer on your behalf to get your claims straightened out. Just knowing that you have legal representation can cause the insurer to sit up and pay attention to your claim. Speak to an auto accident attorney to find out more.