The 4 Most Important Rules to Follow During Your Divorce

Are you prepping for a divorce? Are you already in the middle of the process? If so, knowing what not to do is sometimes just as important as knowing the right steps to take.

Here's a quick and easy guide to the most important things everyone should avoid doing when they're getting a divorce:

1. Don't rack up your debt.

Your credit cards are for emergencies -- not retail therapy to help you feel better about your situation. You may need the money available on those cards for things like basic furniture, legal fees, moving costs, and more. If you've maxed out your credit on new clothes, pricey restaurants, and mini-vacations, you'll have a lot of debt and very little wiggle room when you start your new life alone. 

2. Don't get into a new relationship.

It's wise to finish your marriage solo. Finding a new relationship can be a top priority once the marriage is over. Anything sooner can open you up to charges of marital waste (if you spend money on your new relationship through gifts, dinners, hotel rooms, or trips) and significantly reduce your divorce settlement. It can also affect how a judge views your bid for shared custody of the kids. If the judge thinks that you're putting your relationship before the children or your new love interest has a negative effect on the kids, that will hurt you.

3. Don't stalk or harass your spouse.

Yes, it can be infuriating to know that your spouse is lying to you. No, you shouldn't do anything about it. One of the quickest ways to compound your legal troubles is to give your spouse an excuse to charge you with stalking or invasion of privacy. Do not open his or her mail. Do not look at his or her cellphone messages. Don't break into his or her email account or social media accounts. Respect your spouse's privacy as if it were your own -- even if your spouse doesn't do the same.

4. Don't keep anything from your attorney.

Are you anxious to protect an asset from your spouse? If so, the last thing you want to do is hide it. If you're caught (and the odds are good that you will be) the judge can punish you by awarding that asset to your spouse directly. There are often ways to negotiate successfully for what you want -- it just requires figuring out what your spouse wants more. 

If you follow these pieces of advice, you'll probably get through the divorce with a minimum of trouble. You'll definitely prevent yourself from injuring your case, whether you're seeking a decent settlement or custody. Learn more by contacting local law firms.