What To Do If You've Gotten Behind On Your Child Support

If you have been unable to make your child support payments lately, you might be worried about a lot of things. You could be concerned about whether or not your children are being affected because of this lack of financial support, and you could be worried about getting in trouble with the court system. These are a few steps that you can take if you have found yourself in this situation.


First of all, even though it can be easy to ignore the situation and pretend it's not happening, you should remember that communication is important. If you contact your local child support enforcement agency, for example, you can let someone know about why you have been having trouble with making your child support payments and when you think you will be able to make your payments. Communication can help you ensure that it is known that you aren't ignoring your responsibility.

Reorganize Your Budget

Next, it's smart to sit down and take a look at your budget. By looking at your finances, you can get an idea of why you got behind on your payments in the first place and can work on coming up with a plan so that you can get caught up and begin paying child support as you are supposed to. For example, after reorganizing your budget you might see where you are overspending and where you can make changes so that you will be able to keep up with your child support obligation.

Pay What You Can

It's important to pay what you can on your child support. Even if you aren't able to make a full payment, make a partial payment to help prove that you are trying to pay your child support. This also helps you avoid getting more behind on your payments.

Speak to an Attorney

Lastly, don't assume that there isn't anyone out there who can help you. There are child support attorneys out there who specialize in helping people in situations that are very similar to yours. Your attorney can help with things like asking for a reduction of child support or helping you if you have to go to court for not paying your child support on time.

As you can see, there are a few steps that you can take if you have gotten behind on your child support. Then, you can help ensure that you handle this potentially tough situation in the best way that you can.