When Your Personal Injury Settlement Is Delayed

After a car accident with injuries, most victims want to forget the whole thing and get back to normal again. First, though, they want the insurer to recognize that they are owed money because of a careless driver. You might face several delays in your quest to be compensated. Read on to find out more. You are getting the run-around The other driver's insurer should be collaborating with you to pay you what you are owed after an accident. [Read More]

5 Benefits Of Hiring A Divorce Attorney With Experience In LGBTQ Issues

For many gay couples, navigating the complexities of marriage can be difficult, let alone getting a divorce. If you're considering filing for divorce, it's important to find an attorney who has experience in LGBTQ issues. This way, you can ensure your rights are protected throughout the process. Your divorce attorney will also help you understand the nuances of divorce law to ensure your partner doesn't take you for a ride. Here are five benefits of hiring an attorney with experience in LGBT divorce. [Read More]

How Your Divorce Attorney Can Help You Co-Parent During Holidays

Being a parent is never easy, especially when you're separated from your co-parent. Thankfully, your divorce attorney can help you establish a custody arrangement that favors you and allows you to spend quality time with your kids. However, things get even trickier during the holidays because both you and your co-parent may want to travel and tour with the kids. You likely are already experiencing anxiety as the festive season approaches. [Read More]

3 Logical Incentives To Engage A Criminal Defense Attorney

When you get charged with a criminal offense, the first thing that comes to mind is figuring a way out. Based on the magnitude of the crime, this can be such a stressful time, not knowing what the future holds. You should get yourself a support system to help you navigate this period of your life because you can easily sink into depression. Aside from surrounding yourself with people who love you, you should also ask a legal representative what your options are. [Read More]